The club is saddened to hear the news of the death of Rory McGovern on Saturday.   Much will be said about Rory over the coming days and for our part here in Ashbourne RFC, we can only say that we are very saddened with the news, but also much the better

Ashbourne RFC Campout Fast Approaching

The annual campout is fast approaching an date club is looking to tie down final numbers. Full details are in the photo gallery section on the home page of the site. If interested please contact the people listed and they can answer any questions you migh

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Happy 2018

We would like to wish all our friends, players, coaches, managers and everybody in Ashbourne a very happy 2018 The question to all of us is can we follow through in 2018 with the success in 2017. This outgoing year has been positive and not just because o

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Condolences – Sue Conlan

The club has leant of the sad passing of Sue Conlan. We would like to offer our sympathy to Amanda, Katie and Emily, as well as the wider family.   Sue will be fondly remember by many of the earlier members of the club, who knew her well, as she was very

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Law 4.3 Studs

Please see the attached update on the on the law governing studs used during rugby. The actual IRB Regulation governing this is a 34 page document and is available from Edel or Bill on request but hopefully this will give you some guidance   Side Det

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